Declaration of data protection

We support the privacy of our users. Personal details will only be used in accordance with the measures in the following declaration of data protection and data security (privacy policy). 

Storage of visitors? data

By every visit to a page of our website and each time a file is accessed the details of this will be stored in a protocol file on our provider?s server.  

Each data entry consists of: 

  • the file page which was accessed
  • the name of the file
  • the date and time it happened
  • the quantity of data transmitted
  • the status of the access (file transferred, not transferred, etc.)
  • a description of the type of web browser used
  • the IP address of the client

The data saved will only be used for statistical purposes, and will not be passed onto third parties either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Insofar that it is possible to enter personal or business details (e.g. email addresses, names, addresses)on a website, these will be submitted absolutely voluntarily by the user. Also in this case the data will be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties. No connection will be made to the access data mentioned above. Please ensure that your data is decoded and transmitted to us via the internet. Therefore we recommend that you do not send confidential information to us by email but, for example, by post.

The users have the right to apply for and receive free of charge the information about them which has been stored. The users have also the right, by law, to correct, block or delete such information.  


Cookies are small text files which are transmitted to your computer along with the data which you requested. They are stored on the computer and appear at a later time. Cookies can, at any time, be deleted by the relevant function on your browser. It is possible that Cookies can be activated on linked websites, without us being able to warn you beforehand.  

Links to other websites

Our online presence contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether or not the operators of other websites keep to the regulations on data protection.

We, in accordance with the law, are only responsible for the contents of our only contents. Our own content must, where appropriate, be distinguished from the links to the contents of other operators. We can accept no liability for the contents of other operators which are connected by links, and such contents are not our own. Only the operator of the website concerned can be liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content, and for damage which arises from use or non-use of such information.