Composite - new processes for advanced materials





We develop and manufacture production equipment for the production and processing of fiber composites. This includes winding equipment for the production of fiber composite structures, measuring and testing equipment, manufacturing equipment for multi-material structures, consolidation equipment, bonding, testing and joining equipment.

Braid consolidation





Plant for the consolidation of multilayer glass fiber braids. The mold, which is manufactured using the lasercusing process, is heated and cooled in a very short time. This enables very efficient consolidation that is gentle on the material.

CFRP bonding




Robot-supported application of a 2-component adhesive for joining a CFRP torsion bar to an aluminum workpiece. In a single process step, the system applies both ends of the CFRP rod to the outer contour and two aluminum workpieces to the inner contour. The system is equipped with a safety-oriented carrier system.

Fixation CFRP and GFRP braided hose





Thermal fixation of CFRP and GFRP braided hoses. Fixation is possible axially and radially. In addition, a tape unit for fusing can be implemented for radial application of tapes. Several fusing modules can be cascaded to increase productivity.

Organosheet sandwich




Temperature control and loading system of a vertical plastic molding machine for the production of a sandwich structure. The loading system can temper various textile materials and foams and feed them to the multilayer processing mold. At the same time, IR emitters can be swivelled into the open mold to control the mold temperature.

Fiber wrap



Production of a fiber composite component for use in aerospace. Fiber coils with precise placement of the individual fibers are produced on the line. The final component consists of several winding layers which are separated from each other by vertical layers produced in a different process. By using different winding bodies including the corresponding software, different workpiece geometries can be produced with a very precise weight of the deposited fibers.

Multilayer preform




Production of a multi-layer preform from continuous GRP braided hose. The layers are created by interlocking the hose braid. The braiding is prefabricated by means of the integrated trimming device. The superimposed braid layers are fixed by means of IR emitters.






Thermal consolidation of an aircraft component. The workpiece is manually inserted into the consolidation tool and then subjected to temperature and pressure.

Organosheet tempering





Handling system for transporting and positioning organic sheets. An integral component is a temperature control unit with infrared sources for rapid, uniform heating of the organic sheet for the subsequent process.

Measuring of CFRP structural components

Measurement of carbon fibre structural components for aerospace applications. The measurement is carried out automatically using a non-contact measuring method. The recorded values are compared with target values during the measuring process. This results in good or bad part information (ok / not ok) directly after the measuring process. Only usable workpieces enter the subsequent process. In addition, data is generated to optimise the upstream production process.