We are because we do....

Our company was founded by Dr. Heinze and is managed by the owner René Rösler after the takeover. In the meantime, Ben Rösler, the next generation, is already operationally active in the management of the family business.

We develop technologies tailored to our customers' production and manufacture individual systems. With these systems, our customers create competitive advantages for themselves by using new technologies.

In the company, traditions that have grown over generations in our region, such as a spirit of discovery, technical meticulousness, quality awareness and the ability to place technical solutions in organizational and economic contexts, live on.

The people working in our company are in permanent contact with our partners, who are, according to our self-image, customers, cooperation partners and suppliers. The aim of this communication is to manage each day a little better than the day before.

History of AUMO


Foundation of AUMO-Heinze Montagetechnik, as a specialized technical trading company for the regional industry as well as universities and research institutes


Sales partner of Bosch Rexroth AG until 2013


Change of shareholders and change of legal form to AUMO GmbH.
Foundation of the special equipment manufacturer SAWP GmbH in Zwickau, which produced special fixtures and automation systems for the automotive industry.


Extensive activities in the fiber composites business field.


Expansions of assortments in the business area component trade with own system profile, connection technology and accessories.


Merger of SAWP GmbH with AUMO GmbH.


Concentration of the entire operational activity on the location Radebeul near Dresden. All people working in the former AUMO GmbH and former SAWP GmbH become employees of AUMO GmbH.